Are you wondering whether to renew your Hulu subscription or get a fresh one (if you don't have one already), then this guide may help you. Here is the list of movies and series coming to the streaming platform in March.

The Dropout

"The Dropout" is a limited series based on the life of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the now-defunct blood-testing startup Theranos. Amanda Seyfried plays Holmes in the series. The movie also stars Kate McKinnon, Naveen Andrews and William H. Macy. It is slated to release on Hulu on March 3.


If you love watching thrillers, then "Fresh" is a great pick for you. It is helmed by director Mimi Cave and revolves around the horrors of modern dating. The movie stars Sebastian Stan, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Charlotte Le Bon, Brett Dier and Andrea Bang. It is slated to release on March 4.

Life & Beth

The "Life & Beth" series revolves around a character named Beth (played by comedian Amy Schumer) who goes through a midlife crisis. The series will also star Violet Young as a younger version of Schumer, Yamaneika Saunders, Michael Rapaport and Susannah Flood. It will drop on March 18.

Aside from its new content, Hulu will also become a streaming house of many old movies and series. Here are the movies and series that you can binge-watch next month:

First week: "Rich Man, Poor Woman," "2 Days In The Valley," "Shanghai Noon," "The Banger Sisters," "Bringing Down the House," "The Choice" and "Show Me the Picture."

Second Week: "The Masked Singer," "Multiverse," "Domino Masters" and "American Refugee."

Third Week: "Hell Hath No Fury," "All Good Things," "You Can't Kill Meme," "Young Rock" and "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" (all 20 seasons).

Fourth Week: "Summer Days, Summer Nights," "Wrath of Man," "American Siege" and "Mass."

Fifth Week: "First Day," "Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War," "The Girl From Plainville" and "Name That Tune."

Here's is a list of titles that will leave the platform:

"My Best Friend's Girl," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," "Maze Runner: The Death Cure," "Step," "Gemini Man," "The Addams Family" and "Soldiers of Fortune." A series of Batman movies will also leave the platform, including "Batman," "Batman Returns," "Batman Forever" and "Batman & Robin."

If you missed last week's list of new movies, you can check it out here.

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