• The 30-year-old murderer was handed two life sentences this week for the murders of the mother and son
  • An off-duty police officer spotted the fugitive killer while out walking his dogs in June last year
  • The cop pursued the murderer but was stabbed in the leg during a struggle between them

An off-duty police officer in the U.K. came face to face with a fugitive double murderer while walking his dogs and was stabbed when the cop decided to confront the killer.

Police Constable Stephen Denniss was walking his dogs near the Hallington entrance at Hubbard’s Hills in Louth, England, on June 1 last year when he spotted 30-year-old Daniel Boulton, who had killed Bethany Vincent, 26, and her 9-year-old son Darren Henson a day earlier, according to a statement from Lincolnshire Police.

Denniss recognized Boulton, who was wearing a hooded top, from an image posted on the Lincolnshire Police Facebook.

When Denniss spotted Boulton, the fugitive was talking to a woman who was also out walking her dogs. Concerned about the welfare of the woman, the officer approached the suspect, who responded by attacking the cop by kicking and punching him.

"I thought he was about to attack her and approached to get hands on. I identified myself as a police officer and there were punches thrown and kicks and I managed to get him in the goolies. But he ran off further into Hubbard's Hills," the officer was quoted as saying by Grimsby Telegraph.

When Boulton fled, Denniss chased him while calling on-duty colleagues for backup.

Boulton then turned back on the police officer, pulled out a knife and demanded his phone. During a struggle between the two men, Boulton stabbed Denniss in the leg.

Despite being injured, Denniss continued to chase Boulton before other officers arrived at Hubbard’s Hills and were guided toward the fugitive's location.

At one point, Boulton attempted to take a woman's car, but she managed to quickly lock the doors and speed off, according to Denniss.

Other officers continued to pursue Boulton until the man was tasered and arrested.

Denniss' injuries were minor, and the officer was later treated by ambulance crews.

"I can hand on heart say Daniel Boulton is probably the most dangerous offender I've ever had an altercation with," Denniss was quoted as saying by the BBC. "I wasn't ever going to give up. I didn't want anybody else to become a victim of Daniel Boulton."

Assistant Chief Constable of Lincolnshire Police Kerrin Wilson praised Denniss for his "commitment, professionalism and bravery" and said he was "a credit to our policing family."

Boulton was handed two life sentences this week for the murders of the mother and son.

Representational Image. pixabay