Keo Motsepe
"Dancing With the Stars" pro Keo Motsepe is spearheading a new venture this Thanksgiving called "Thank the Angels." Thank the Angels

He may get to dance with some of Hollywood's rich and famous on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," but pro dancer Keo Motsepe isn't forgetting that there are others around him who may not have as much this holiday season. With that in mind, he has spearheaded a new venture, one he is calling "Thank the Angels."

In an interview with International Business Times, Keo opened up about his plan to bring special gift bags containing Thanksgiving meals and other goodies to those in need all around Los Angeles over the holiday. Keo has teamed up with his Season 25 partner Barbara Corcoran as well as Season 25 dancer Sasha Pieterse.

The decision to do this came from an experience a few years ago, when he remembers giving food to a woman in need and being touched by her response.

"It started a few seasons back when I danced with Jodie [Sweetin], there was one week where it was just a terrible week for me, and I remember buying food and I was going home, and I was like, 'Wait, I'm not going to eat this food, why did I just buy it?'" Keo told IBT.

"So I thought, why don't I just drive around the corner and see who I can give this food to, and I saw this woman with a child, so I thought, let me just try to give them the food. I don't know if they'll take it, but I'll try... my heart said, 'Get out of your car and give them the food,' So I just did that, and I went up to them and I said, 'Hi, this is some food that I just bought and I wasn't hungry,' and offered them this food. And this woman, just held my hand and started crying, and that was a moment that I will never forget in my life for sure."

From there, the idea to create some gift bags to pass out this Thanksgiving was born. Though he initially started small, planning on only giving out 50 bags, his partnership with Barbara and Sasha helped convince him to extend it to 200, which he will be distributing throughout the city on Thanksgiving Day.

"This is just literally going to be taking all 200 bags and putting them in a minivan, and I'm literally driving around Los Angeles," he said. "And If I see a person outside, I'm going to give the bags out."

Among the items that will be in these gift bags will be Thanksgiving food, blankets, clothes and toys.

However, while the venture is a way Keo admits helps him "fill his soul," he true motivation behind starting the venture is a simple one, and it isn't something he needs to benefit from.

"The only thing I'm doing this for is literally, out of love. Nothing else, just love," he said. "Love wins."