He's known for his quick and witty comments to celebrities, pros and even the judges on "Dancing With the Stars," but one comment in particular that host Tom Bergeron made during Monday night's live show may have taken things a step too far.

During the live broadcast of the ABC show, Bergeron made a comment which clearly took pro dancer Witney Carson, as well as the studio audience, by surprise, as she and partner Frankie Muniz received the judges' critiques for their Viennese Waltz.

Following the pair's dance, judge Carrie Ann Inaba admitted that she was going to have to take points off on their dance because she saw a moment where Muniz seemed to struggle.

"So far for me, that was the closest thing to perfection. I mean, your are exquisite when you dance, it's just so clean," she told Muniz. "I look for mistakes, but I don't see them—except for when you almost lost control of Witney there."

Bergeron then piped in with one of his signature comments, joking that he bet Muniz "wasn't the first guy to lose control of Witney."

Carson was visibly taken aback by the comment, and though Erin Andrews quickly managed to take some of the heat off her co-host by playing a package clip where Muniz promised his partner that he would "take his shirt off" if he made it to Week 8 or Week 9 of the competition, it still was something which had people talking after the show. However, though the pro dancer admitted she wasn't sure what Bergeron's comment was supposed to mean, she was planning on just letting the moment go.

"I think it was just make Witney uncomfortable day," Muniz told People Magazine.

"Yeah, I guess," she added. "I don't know, you guys. I didn't really get it at first because I was like, I don't really get what that means, but yeah, thanks. Thanks for whatever that was. But I'm just going to brush it off, and I hope you guys do too"

The moment was criticized on social media in light of the recent sexual misconduct claims that have been plaguing Hollywood since Harvey Weinstein's decades of harassment and alleged assault were exposed back in October.

However, another fan seemed to indicate that they took Bergeron's comment as a compliment that may have just been phrased incorrectly.

Carson, Bergeron and Muniz have all stayed silent on social media about the moment.

"Dancing With the Stars" airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.