Fiona Gubelmann and Brendan Penny are headlining Hallmark Channel’s first-ever Easter movie!

“Easter Under Wraps,” which premieres Saturday night as part of the network’s Spring Fever event, will be the first time the two actors have worked together but far from the first time they’ve worked on Hallmark movies, in general.

Penny recently starred in the third movie in his “Vineyard” series with Rachael Leigh Cook, “Valentine in the Vineyard,” and a 2018 Hallmark Christmas movie, “Pride, Prejudice and Mistletoe,” with Lacey Chabert. The actor also currently stars on the network’s family drama series, “Chesapeake Shores,” as Kevin O’Brien.

As for Gubelmann, the “Good Doctor" actress got her princess on in 2018’s “Royally Ever After” with Torrance Coombs and had some holiday fun with Jesse Metcalfe in 2017’s “Christmas Next Door.”

The movie’s cast also includes Fred Henderson (Foster), Bronwen Smith (Susan), Ese Atawo Flo), BJ Harrison (Lyla), Zoe Noelle Baker (Madison), Aaron Craven (Carter), Sarah Corrigan (Parker), Alvin Sanders (Grant), Garrett Black (Trent), Nelson Giles (Murray), Jessie Fraser (Beth) and Niki Wipf (Jessie).

With “Easter Under Wraps” being Gubelmann and Penny’s first movie together and Hallmark Channel’s first foray into the world of Easter-themed rom-coms, fans are in for a real treat.

easter under wraps synopsis
Fiona Gubelmann and Brendan Penny star in Hallmark’s first Easter movie, “Easter Under Wraps.” Crown Media / Allister Foster

“Marketing director at Cavendish Chocolates, Erin (Gubelmann) is proud of the family business. But with sales declining as Easter approaches, Erin goes undercover to see what’s wrong,” the synopsis begins. “Calling herself Veronica, she meets handsome head chocolatier Bryan (Penny) who is upset about losing workers to automation, and claims Cavendish has opted for quantity over quality. It’s a rocky start for Erin and Bryan, but the next day, while working together on Easter baskets, the two share some chocolate and begin to grow sweet on each other.”

The synopsis continues: “Running into Bryan and his daughter at the Chocolate Museum, Erin sees the plastic replica of the legendary Cavendish egg, retired due to cost, and is touched when the little girl gives her a papier-mâché egg. Falling for both Bryan and his daughter, Erin wants more than ever to shed her façade, especially when Bryan’s Easter egg sketches give her an inspiration. Maybe while rival companies go modern, Cavendish could go retro and bring back the legendary egg!”

Will Erin’s idea be enough to boost Easter sales, and will her connection with Bryan be strong enough to withstand him finding out she lied about her true identity?

Find out when “Easter Under Wraps,” directed by Gary Yates and written by Mike Bell and Yates, premieres on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.