Dementia is a condition that nobody would ever want to have. However, the lifestyle that many people lead today runs counter with dementia prevention. There are certain foods out there that are not only bad for your overall health but also raise your risk of developing dementia.

According to Express, your dietary choices have got a lot to do with developing dementia. Acclaimed researchers contend that foods that are good for your cardiovascular health are also good for the brain. It is in the same manner that if one food is considered as bad for the heart, then it is also detrimental for the brain.

The Nasty Salt

Heart doctors would always advise their patients to limit their salt intake. This is because high-salt consumption has been associated with high blood pressure, which is considered by many as a precursor of a heart attack and stroke. This also follows that in order to have a healthier brain and to ward off the risk of dementia, one must not indulge in a high-salt diet.

foods that could increase risk of dementia
foods that could increase risk of dementia RitaE - Pixabay

As per the study published in Nature, a diet that is high in salt can wreak havoc to one’s cognitive functions. Salt reduces the amount of nitric oxide in the brain. This compound is important in maintaining the brain’s vascular health.

As per the Weill Cornell Medicine researchers, when the blood vessels in the brain are healthy, the risk of developing dementia is also reduced. The opposite happens when the brain’s blood vessels are not in their optimal state.

"Our study proposes a new mechanism by which salt mediates cognitive impairment and also provides further evidence of a link between dietary habits and cognitive function," said Dr. Giuseppe Faraco, the study’s lead author.

Source of Hi-Salt

According to UCFSHealth, some of the foods that are known for their high salt content include canned meat, poultry, or fish. Smoked, cured, and salted meat as well. This would include ham, cold cuts, bacon, sausage, etc.

Frozen meat like pizza and burritos also contain a chockfull of salt. Canned entrees and salted peanuts must be avoided as well. Of course, try not to add too much salt as well when preparing meals.