Following the reports made by a number of Coastal patients that were being scared off getting the swine flu jab, after warnings that it might carry a long list of possible side effects, Dr Emil Djakic Chairman of General Practice Australia, commented that the swine flu vaccine was safe and effective against a highly contagious illness.

According to Dr Djakic, the government's full disclosure policy model may have created the concern regarding the risks associated with having the vaccine. He stresses that the risks were relevant to only a small group of people.

He said the GPs had to play a role in making sure that it was not intimidating their patients. Patients that are still in doubt should look for another alternative advice.

He said the advice which came from the Royal Australian College of GPs and Australia's chief medical officer, was that the swine flu vaccine was effective, safe and a very important vaccine for the individual and the community.

The preventative health measures taken by getting the swine flu vaccine can be helpful as it can save many lives and reduce monetary loss.

Dr Djakic said that he has come to accept the level of cynicism which had been coming in, especially following the initial government's reaction to swine flu. Some of the people now prefer the wait-and-see alternative.