An 89-year-old Tallahassee, Florida, woman fought a 6-foot-long snake after the reptile ate her backyard birds and squirrels. According to local media, Garlene Eiceman was heartbroken after she noticed the birds in her backyard were missing.

Eiceman initially thought something was wrong with their feed. But she later saw a snake slither out of a bird box that had a nest of three baby blue birds. It was clear that the snake was eating the birds as there was a bulge in the reptile's neck.

"I started crying, I didn’t know what to do," Eiceman, a great-grandmother of six and a grandmother of six, said. "The snake went down and up a wooden flower box and it went out of sight. After that all the birds disappeared.”

She removed all the places a snake could hide, including all the bird houses. Eventually, she spotted the snake and decided to fight it off. She grabbed a hammer and a twig and attacked the reptile.

“He would go thin and wiggle out from under the twig, I would run after him and finally I turned my hammer sideways and I got him good,” she said. "I was so angry with that snake."

"I do not want to go through that anymore," she added, according to local media. "Watching those birds brought a lot of joy to me.”

Representational image of a snake. Getty Images/ David McNew