• The severed organ was discovered during a raid last year 
  • Police tracked down the owner Friday
  • Ryan King did the "consensual surgery" despite having no qualifications

An electrician has been accused of castrating a 66-year-old man and then storing the testicles in his freezer. Police said the man had also performed the procedure on another person whom he met online last year.

Ryan King, 28, from Brisbane, Australia, was already under police radar in connection with the castration of a 26-year-old man in July 2020, said News.Com.

As part of the probe, police carried out a raid at King's home last year and found medical tools, as well as a severed human penis and testicles in his freezer. Following this, another investigation was launched. Police, on Friday, said they tracked down the owner of the organs.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said the 66-year-old man met King at a rental accommodation on Sept. 2, 2019.

"He is then alleged to have performed consensual surgery on the older man, despite having no formal surgical qualifications," the spokeswoman said.

The police identified the victim after analyzing King's GoPro footage.

King's weird fetish came to light last July after his 26-year-old victim suffered serious complications following the castration procedure. Police arrived at a backpackers hostel in Brisbane and took the man to a hospital. King was charged with grievous bodily harm with intent to maim.

Police found that King and the victim had discussed the procedure for several months through a fetish website and some apps. King reportedly had also filmed the castration and uploaded the same on the website. The electrician, with no apparent medical qualifications, had taught himself to perform the task through online materials.

During a court appearance last year, prosecutors said King suffers from Klinefelter Syndrome, a condition that adversely affects testicular growth.

King, a former Anglican Church Grammar student, was bullied at school and had been under specialist treatment since he was three years old. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and Asperger syndrome, the court was told.

Last month, a Spanish rapper went on trial for allegedly chopping off his roommate's penis. The man filmed the gruesome act and uploaded it on YouTube.

Aaron Beltran allegedly struck a deal with another person, who promised to pay the rapper some cash depending on the number of views the amputation video would get on YouTube.

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