Mad Men Season 5 Promos
Elisabeth Moss as Peggy Olson. AMC

The celebrities have been restless lately because it seems that every other day, a new famous female face changes her hair.

On Tuesday, Elisabeth Moss of "Mad Men" fame debuted on the red carpet for the premiere of "For a Good Time, Call" sporting a new, and blonde, pixie haircut. The Emmy-nominated actress recently lobbed off her short brown bob for the edgy new 'do, which you can view at Us Weekly.

"I wanted to do something really different," Moss told Us Weekly on the red carpet, adding that the dictum that blonde have more fun is indeed true, "so far."

Moss paired her new hair with a black dress with lace detail, ruby lips and nude stilettos, looking very much unlike Peggy, who she plays on "Mad Men," best known for her twin set sweaters. But according to the 30-year-old, people still identify her despite being a blonde now.

"People still recognize me because I always looked so different from Peggy before," she said.

As for her role as Peggy on the hit AMC show, Moss is here to stay. According to Us Weekly, Moss said she signed on for two more seasons of the show. Prior to Tuesday, many believed that her character [SPOILER ALERT] leaving the fictional ad agency Sterling Cooper Draper Price (SCDP) for another company signaled the end of her character. But Moss, despite producers of the show remaining tight-lipped, said Peggy will be back.

"It will be the same Peggy we all know and love!" Moss said.

But will Peggy Olsen have a short, blonde pixie cut in the upcoming season?

Historically speaking, season five of "Mad Men" left off in the year 1967, the same year women began chopping off their long locks in the hopes of looking like Twiggy, Edie Sedgwick and Mia Farrow.

The 'do arguably started in 1965 when Edie Sedgwick, most known as one of Andy Warhol's superstars, debuted in an August edition of "Vogue," where she was named a "youthquaker." Sedgwick's hair trend, not to mention her sartorial influence, followed in years to come, namely after her spread in September 1965's "Life" magazine.

In 1967, Twiggy, a tiny blonde from the United Kingdom, was named "The Face of '66," beginning her career as an international supermodel. Within a year, the pixie haired girl became a worldwide sensation landing on the cover of nearly every magazine and an icon idolized by many, the BBC reported.

The next year, famed hairstylist Vidal Sassoon chopped off Hollywood sensation Mia Farrow's long hair, opting for a bob for her role in 1968's "Rosemary's Baby."

"Her bone structure was beautiful. I told her that we had to go very short," Sassoon told The Telegraph.

According to Marie Claire, thousands of women flocked to their hairdressers in 1968 for a similar cut as Farrow's pixie crop.

1968. Could that be where "Mad Men" season six picks back up, with a trendy updated Peggy comfy at her new ad agency and new haircut?

While neither AMC nor the producers have announced when filming begins for the next season of "Mad Men," the show has taken the sartorial changes in fashion into consideration with the passing of each season. Take season five for example. When formulating the next chapter of the show, the women of the show -- namely Don Draper's new bride Megan -- have seen style evolutions that "fit the times."

"It took the new Mrs. Draper and her fabulous wardrobe to give the show what it needed to chronicle the changing fashions of the 60s: a clotheshorse," The Awl wrote back in May. Season five Megan began sporting more mod clothes exuding sex appeal popularized in the 1960's era, like color block, large sunglasses and shift dresses.

Similarly, "Mad Men" uses music popular during the setting to bolster its plot lines. Remember the episode surrounded with that new boy band sensation young Sally Draper was obsessed with? Hint, it was The Beatles, whose debut in the U.S. was a crucial plot line for that episode. Same goes for the Rolling Stones Heinz baked beans episode.

So couldn't her new 'do just be part of the times a changin'?