Elle King
Elle King admitted to being high at the Grammys. The singer is pictured attending the 59th Grammy Awards on Feb. 12, 2017 in Los Angeles. Getty Images

The Grammy Awards is typically a night one will never forget. However, things may be a little blurry for Elle King. The “Ex’s & Oh’s” singer admitted that she was high during Sunday’s 59th annual award ceremony.

While reminiscing about her time on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammys on Instagram, King admitted that she had some marijuana prior to her arrival. In one photo, the songstress looked dazed and confused in what looked to be a red carpet interview.

“Note to self, don’t eat a bunch of pot muffins before the Grammys red carpet. #AccidentallyHighAF,” she wrote on Monday as the caption for the picture.

In another photograph, the singer smirked and looked as if she was staring off into space. King compared herself to a Snapchat filter and made light of her fashion choices as well as the fact that she was unaware how high she looked to other people after ingesting one too many pot muffins.

King wore a Teuta Matoshi Duriqi floral dress accessorized with a flower crown which she compared to the filter on Snapchat.

King went on to call herself out for being easily distracted while she was high. The “America’s Sweetheart” singer even shared a video of herself during an interview where she bluntly answered a question about why men and women deal with heartbreak differently.

“This is what happens when you’re accidentally rly stoned at the Grammys. You see something shiny, forget that you’re on camera, then forget the question, then remember no one should ever let me be interviewed,” the songstress wrote as the caption for the clip.

Possibly embarrassed by her behavior, King also apologized to her mother while admitting that she was “stoned at the Grammys.”

Despite being high from a couple of pot muffins, King seemed to enjoy her night and did not have a hard time finding humor in her unusual situation.