Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres
Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres at the premiere of B.Levison's 'Sphere' at the Mann's Village Theater Siemoneit/Sygma via Getty Images


  • Ellen DeGeneres hasn't spoken to Anne Heche after the accident
  • The former daytime talk show host said she didn't want anyone to be hurt
  • DeGeneres and Heche dated from 1997 to 2000

Ellen DeGeneres was hoping for the best for her ex-girlfriend Anne Heche, according to a report.

DeGeneres shared a brief comment after learning that Heche got into a fiery car crash last week. DeGeneres and Heche dated from 1997 to 2000. A photographer approached the former daytime talk show host and asked if she had spoken to Heche after the accident.

"We're not in touch with each other, so I wouldn't know," DeGeneres was quoted by Entertainment Tonight as saying.

"I don't want anyone to be hurt," she added while speaking on the camera.
The cameraman chimed in, "It was quite a dangerous accident that happened, wasn't it?" DeGeneres agreed while heading to her car, saying, "Sure was."

ET noted that it was the first time DeGeneres addressed the accident publicly. Heche was hospitalized with severe burns after her blue Mini Cooper crashed into a two-story home.

She was stuck inside her car for over an hour with nearly 60 firefighters putting out the fire.

"At this time Anne is in extreme[ly] critical condition. She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention," Heche's rep told Deadline Monday. "She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident."

Her rep's update came two days after Heche's publicist released an encouraging statement saying she was "in stable condition."

A source close to the actress told CNN following the accident that she was "lucky to be alive." She reportedly had severe burns and would need a long time to recover fully.

Lynne Bernstein, who has lived in nearby Venice and rushed to the scene with two other neighbors, said he couldn't believe Heche would survive because they tried to extract her from her vehicle but to no avail. According to him, they were having a hard time breathing due to the intense smoke.

"We were just looking inside, going 'How could you survive that?' Because we had a hard time breathing even outside of the house," he told People. "So, somebody was watching out over her, I guess. I mean, as seriously injured she may be."

Anne Heche
Anne Heche, pictured at the 3rd Annual Mammoth Film Festival Portrait Studio in Mammoth Lakes, California on Feb. 29, 2020, is competing on “Dancing With the Stars” Season 29. Michael Bezjian/Getty Images for Mammoth Media Institute