Ellen DeGeneres shared a video of flooding water near her home located in Montecito, California. The flooding happened due to heavy rainstorms and resulted in a mandatory evacuation.

In the video, the 64-year-old comedian revealed that Montecito is under complete evacuation. "This is the five-year anniversary of the fire and mudslides that killed so many people and people lost their homes and lives," she said, referring to 2018's mudslide.

DeGeneres, who was filming the flooding water video in selfie mode, showed the creek nearby her house and noted how it used to never flow, but due to the rainstorms, it is flowing and got 9 feet up.

"This is crazy," she said, adding, "We are having unprecedented rain. This creek next to our house never flows, ever. It's probably about 9 feet up and it's going to go up another 2 feet."

"We have horses ready to evacuate. We need to be nicer to Mother Nature," she concluded. "Because Mother Nature is not happy with us. Let's all do our part. Stay safe, everybody."

DeGeneres also shared that she and her wife, Portia de Rossi, were all ready to evacuate but considering they are on higher ground, authorities "asked us to shelter in place."

"Montecito is under mandatory evacuation," she captioned the video shared on Twitter Monday. "We are on higher ground so they asked us to shelter in place. Please stay safe everyone."

Actress Julie Brown commented on the video, "Wow, so sorry you have to go through that. Stay safe," while designer Cameron Sinclair wrote, "Time to invest in climate collapse housing solutions and viable solutions for future climate refugees."

Aside from the comedian, Montecito is a town that many celebrities call home, including Oprah Winfrey, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle.

The town was hit with multiple severe storms, and due to the bad weather conditions, the Montecito fire department issued an evacuation order Monday for residents of Montecito as well as Sycamore Canyon.

Back in 2018, DeGeneres shared a photo on Instagram after a similar rainstorm. In the photo, a boulder can be seen cleaning the fallen trees and debris.

"This is the street in front of our house," she wrote at that time. "I don't know anything about our house yet. I'm heartbroken for our community of Montecito. I'm devastated for the families who lost loved ones. I'm grateful to all the rescue workers. Please send love to Montecito."

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