Is Emma Watson sexy or not? That's the big question coercing the veins of many offices these days, as the Harry Potter starlet runs as the hottest Hollywood actress on the Internet.

Watson been a top story at Google News for days now and there's more photo spreads popping up online by the dozens every single day, and they are grabbing large audiences.

There's the Sexy Emma Watson YouTube video, the story that Emma Watson Says Being Sexy is Scary for Her, Emma's Watson's Sexy Legs and thousands of other stories and spreads sprawling across the Web. They don't keep showing up because people don't think the 21-year-old Harry Potter actress is not sexy.

But some people don't get it, at all, and it's stirring debate throughout offices around the world over that very question as surfers pick through the latest morsels each day.

I don't get the Emma Watson thing, said one executive, asking why so many people were interested in the Harry Potter actress.

Another person in the office said in reference to Watson, Celebrities today don't like like they used to.

Translation: She's not a buxom Hollywood starlet; she's a young lady with cropped hair and a petite frame the world watched grow up on screen.

And that may be the very thing, as Watson herself admits watching herself grow up on screen throughout the Harry Potter film series was strange, if not creepy.

But since the English actress and model began starring as Hermione Granger, one of three key characters in the Harry Potter film series at the age of nine, the world has watched her grow up on screen and off from a cute, likable little girl to a smiling, still-somewhat innocent young lady not afraid to flash her thighs and flaunt in sexual poses in short skirts.

Perhaps Watson's mix of the innocence she flashes combines with the intelligence she has -- she was enrolled the Ivy League's Brown University as a student the last two years -- and the sexiness she flaunts to create an irresistible Internet palate for many. So far, Watson has turned out to be anything but the sloppy, confused starlet, like pop star Brittany Spears became.

The world watched her grow up too, but it did not like a lot of what it saw. Watson, in New York this week for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, has barely anything out of the ordinary to admit, when grilled. When show host Letterman grilled her about drinking alcohol, the 21-year-old became embarrassed, and tried to change the subject.

Do you drink at all? Do you use controlled substances? Letterman asked.

I don't want to talk about this! Watson said, before admitting she had been drunk, but only once.

Yes, I have, she told Letterman. I got very very drunk once in my life, as everyone does, she said. I got drunk! I have been drunk! I'll bow to that.

But while Watson's revelation on Letterman's show sprawled across the Internet, many checking in on the story had more to say about her on-air appearance. Sporting a tightly-cropped hair style, she looked nothing like a sexy Hollywood starlet, said one observer.

But one thing is for sure, based on upon upon the Internet traffic Emma Watson drives with millions surfing to see her photos and images daily, many people throughout the world disagree.

They think she's red-hot.