Prince William is only 29 years old, but he is already showing signs of serious balding. By the time he becomes king (either when his grandmother Elizabeth II dies, or when his own father Charles passes away), he will likely be completely bald.

However, baldness doesn’t seem to have the stigma that it once did. Indeed, a great many male “sex symbols” (especially in Hollywood, pop music and professional sports) are now hairless.

It will be interesting to see if William (once heralded as the world’s number one bachelor) will be able to maintain his popularity and appeal among the fairer sex as he ages (and inevitably loses more blonde follicles).

It will also be interesting to see how the Royal Family deal with a bald king (should such a thing be deemed a ”problem” – especially given the high-profile nature of the recently married royal couple).

Ironically, his father Charles (who was never regarded as good-looking) now has more hair than his son, despite being 62 years old.