"Entourage" cast
"Entourage" stars (L to R) Kevin Dillon, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday. Nevada. Getty/Michael Buckner

The stars of “Entourage” showed up at CinemaCon in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas Tuesday to premiere the latest trailer for their upcoming big screen debut. The new teaser — which was shown exclusively to attendees of the official convention of the National Association of Theatre Owners — comes less than two months before the domestic release of the “Entourage” movie.

“Entourage” creator and producer Doug Ellin, along with the stars of the now defunct HBO series, Adrian Grenier (Vince), Jerry Ferrara (Turtle), Kevin Dillion (Drama) and Kevin Connolly (E), were all present for the affair. While the teaser showed much of the same featured in the first two trailers, it did showcase a few new scenes and divulge some spoilers about the plot of the highly-anticipated film.

Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) kicked off the new teaser by appearing to attempt to medidate in his car will traveling the crowded streets of Los Angeles. “I will let no man see the darkness,” the studio head chants before lashing out at his ringing cell phone.

His frustrations only grow when he is told his career is on the line if Vincent "Vince" Chase cannot make his latest film, which also happens to be directorial debut, a smash hit. “I really need to do something different,” Vince says in the teaser. Could this be an ode the veteran film star is finally done with the movie business, or is simply ready to try his hand behind-the-camera full-time?

“Some of their ambitions have changed,” Warner Bros. official plot synopsis for the film teases, adding that despite some changes, the relationship between the boys will remain the same. “The bond between them remains strong as they navigate the capricious and often cutthroat world of Hollywood.”

Meanwhile, it’s not just Vince’s career that appears to be giving Ari stress. His longtime assistant Lloyd (Rex Lee) announces that he will be getting married in the trailer and tells Ari he wants him to be the man who gives him away. While its unclear if he follows through with the request, Lloyd’s Jewish nuptials do take place at Ari’s home.

"Entourage" premieres in theaters June 3.