christina applegate, ed helms
Christina Applegate (L) and Ed Helms onstage during Warner Bros. Pictures presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday. Getty

The Griswolds are back! The first official trailer for “Vacation,” the sequel to the popular “National Lampoon’s Vacation” and several of its spinoffs premiered at CinemaCon in Las Vegas Tuesday. The never-before-seen footage was presented by two of the Warner Bros. film's stars, Ed Helms and Christina Applegate who will play Clark (Chevy Chase) and Ellen Griswold’s (Beverly D’Angelo) son, Rusty, and daughter-in-law, Debbie, respectively, in the feature.

“A new generation of Griswolds are off on the road,” the event’s host, Mario Lopez, said before welcoming the actors to the stage at Caesars Palace.

“Vegas, I have never been here before,” Helms, who is famous for his role in "The Hangover," joked before dishing about the John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein-directed film. “We got into even more hijinx than Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo did,” he said — and he wasn’t exaggerating.

The trailer kicked off by showing footage of “National Lampoon” and showcasing the tagline, “This vacation started it all” before showing footage of the new film and adding, “This vacation changed it all.”

In the trailer, Helm’s character decides to help drag his family out of a rut by reliving his childhood vacation to WallyWorld. In route, the family finds themselves accidentally bathing in raw sewage after mistaking it for a natural spring. Helms's character also reenacts the famous red car scene while driving on a highway -- first made famous by Chase -- and later gets into an uncomfortable situation with his sister Audrey Griswold’s (Leslie Mann) husband, played by Chris Hemsworth.

“Chris Hemsworth is in the movie and so are his abs,” Helms joked before showing the trailer which featured Hemsworth strolling around Applegate and Helms in just his underwear.

“He totally just came in here to show off his six pack,” Helms’s character said in the teaser.

But it wasn’t just the first trailer for the R-rated film Helms and Applegate shared with the audience. The on-screen couple also dished about their first times watching the 1983 classic. “I saved all of my babysitting money,” Helms said, revealing he watched the film at the theater with his mother. Applegate had a different memory. “I was really famous back then and they sent me a copy to my screening room,” she said. “I watched it with Molly Ringwald.”

“Vacation” premieres in theaters July 31.