Christopher Paolini is making a jump from a world of dragons to science fiction for his next book. The author of “Eragon” is currently working on his first sci-fi novel to be titled “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.”

EW exclusively revealed that the book is being described as a “massive sci-fi novel.” Paolini told the outlet that he has been working on the new novel for 10 years, trying to figure “out the science and the characters and most importantly, the story,” so we can expect an epic saga. The outlet added that the novel takes inspiration from sci-fi films like “Alien” and “The Left Hand of Darkness.”

The sci-fi novel will follow xenobiologist Kira Navarez who finds an alien artifact during a mission on a remote planet. Her new discovery will take her on a journey deep into the “farthest reaches of the galaxy” that will decide humanity’s fate and change not only her – but history itself. The novel was first teased by the author on his website.

Paolini is mostly known for his “Inheritance Cycle” which started with “Eragon” in 2002 following the story of a young hero’s adventures with his blue dragon. Other books in the series included “Eldest,” “Brisingr,” and “Inheritance.” His four-book saga were best-sellers and the first installment was adapted into a film in 2006. His accomplishments also include being awarded a Guinness World Record in 2011 for being the youngest author of a best-selling book series.

On his site, Paolini stated that he was planning for a continuation of the “Inheritance Cycle” as well as some new storylines to expand on the world of Alagaësia. After concluding the story of “Eragon,” the author recently revisited the mythical land of Alagaësia with a collection of short stories called “The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm” that was published last December.

Readers can pick up Paolini’s new sci-fi novel when it hits bookshelves on Sept. 15, 2020.

Author Christopher Paolini.
Author Christopher Paolini is pictured in New York. Reuters