The popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey has brought new attention to the lure of erotic/romantic fiction. According to a new report by CNBC, romance is the best-selling fiction genre. It generates about $1.4 billion each year. With the rise of e-books, women are reading such novels more than ever. Not only can they purchase raunchy material without the embarrassment of doing so at a bookstore, but as erotic author Dr. Ivan Rusilko reveals: 

With the different types of tablets out today you can get away with a lot more risqué type of literature to read. Instead of sitting on a plane with some Fabio cover model on the front, you have an Apple symbol. 

There are several titillating e-books available online at the moment. Here are three of the site's top sellers. 

The Marriage Bargain

When struggling bookstore owner Alexa enters financial hardship, she is desperate to save herself from ruin. She finds solace in the fact that her childhood friend and billionaire, Nicholas, is looking for a wife to assure he retains his inheritance. The two make a pact: marry for a year and avoid any form of emotional attachment. But when you're as sexy as Nicholas is, promises sometimes get broken. As the two enter into a blissful union of convenience, they find that they may put the match in matrimony.

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Tempt Me

Nina Valentine is the epitome of the artistic rebel. She's in a love/hate relationship with New York, is attempting to make her way as an artist, and struggles on a daily basis. Yet when she decides to give up and move back to her hometown, the handsome Ian attends her goodbye party. Smitten, she falls into the bed with the sexy stranger and finds that he is equally enraptured by her. He asks her to stay in New York for another couple of weeks and in return he supports her financially. Yet what starts as an innocent turns into a hot and heavy affair.

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When loving couple Kiera and Denny move to a new city, their lives seem to perfectly complement one another. Denny seems to be the perfect boyfriend. He devotes his every move to Kiera and the two are inseparable. Yet when the couple is forced apart, she seeks comfort from Kellan, an alluring musician. Can she re-discover her passion for Denny or will she fall prey to Kellan's seductive charm?

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