Diablo 3
Diablo 3 is experiencing server issues once again. www.battle.net

UPDATE 10/18/13 1:23 PM: Blizzard reports that "World of Warcraft" Error 113 should be resolved.

Error 113 Resolved
Blizzard says that "WoW" Error 113 has been resolved. www.battle.net

Ditto for "Diablo 3" Error 73.

Diablo 3 Error 73 Resolved
Diablo 3 Error 73 Resolved www.battle.net


Stop us if you've heard this one before: a Battle.net server issue is preventing gamers from playing "Diablo 3."

That's right, it's happened again. "Diablo 3" players are reporting that when they try to play the game on Blizzard Entertainment's Battle.net servers, they are greeted with "Error 73." The full error reads like this, according to Battle.net forum member "NeLLy."

"Temporary outage of battle.net server, please try again later error 73...."

Battle.net Community Manager "Grimiku" responded with the below message roughly an hour ago.

A Blizzard community manager issued the above response to the Error 73 woes suffered by Diablo 3 players. www.battle.net

However, "Diablo 3" isn't the only Blizzard game currently experiencing server problems. "NeLLy" also noted that "WoW" is suffering from its own server issues. The error plaguing "World of Warcraft" is called Error 113.

WoW Error 113
World of Warcraft is also experiencing server issues. www.battle.net

Over at the "World of Warcraft" Battle.net forums, Blizzard Support Forum Agent "Harlsoco" had this to say on the matter.

WoW Error 113 2
"WoW" is currently suffering with server issues of its own. www.battle.net

"Diablo 3" has had a long, documented history of connectivity and stability issues dating back to its release last year. This is just another in a long line of problems for Blizzard's latest entry into the developer's long-running hack and slash RPG series. As for "World of Warcraft" Error 113, the game doesn't experience server issues often, but considering that "WoW" is an MMORPG, the Internet connection requirement that comes with playing MMOs means that server issues are sometimes to be expected.

"Diablo 3" on the other hand, does have a singleplayer mode. Despite the fact that it does include a singleplayer mode, the game requires players to be connected to the Internet at all times. This latest Battle.net issue once again begs the question: Why not let singleplay "Diablo 3" players play offline. This would decrease server load, which could potentially decrease the amount of instances suffered by Blizzard's servers.

Why not indeed.

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