• Loose loot and junk can be traded for useful items
  • Some barter items can be crafted in the Hideout
  • Barter items are often sold at the Flea Market

Getting a decent, raid-worthy loadout can be terribly expensive in "Escape from Tarkov," especially when players are looking to get the best possible gear they can before dropping into a public match.

Instead of spending their hard-earned money, PMCs can opt to use the many junk items they find in raids to get useful gear from traders.

Here are three of the most cost-efficient guns that players can barter for in "Escape from Tarkov."

RPK-16 (Mechanic/Prapor)

The RPK-16 is a light machine gun that can deliver powerful 5.45x39mm rounds down range with reliable accuracy and handling. It also has the same modding capabilities as other AK models, making it relatively cheap to kit out for lower recoil and better reliability.

This gun can be obtained by trading two cans of blue Kite gunpowder and three Weapon Parts from Prapor LL3. Alternatively, it can be bartered for from Mechanic LL3 for eight Capacitors and two Weapon Parts.

Escape From Tarkov - RPK-16
The RPK-16 barter requirements from Prapor Escape From Tarkov


Mechanic LL3's menu also includes an M4A1 assault rifle with LVOA parts. This build already has better recoil and higher ergonomics than a stock M4, and it only costs four GP Coins to get.

This is a solid platform for modding as the LVOA handguard comes with pre-installed rails for foregrips and tactical devices alongside the usual host of mods available to the AR-15 family.


Another great option from level three Mechanic is the M1A battle rifle that comes with the SASS chassis, which does wonders for the base gun's ergonomics, recoil and temperature management scores. This is also considered as one of the best aftermarket pieces for the M1A thanks to its extra attachment points.

This will cost 18 boxes of Wilston cigarettes.

Where to get barter items

Loose loot and items have specific spawn points scattered across different maps. Some can also be crafted in the Hideout if the right stations are built. Check these spots to get the items for the weapons listed above:

  • GP Coins
    • Factory – inside the office safe
  • Weapon Parts
    • Reserve – on top of the BMPs
    • Dismantle VPO-209s at the Workstation
  • Capacitors
    • In PC towers
  • Kite Gunpowder
    • Factory – shelf on the third-floor corridor
  • Wilston
    • In jackets