Good morning dear traders,

EURUSD was not my favourite currency yesterday.

My trading in EURUSD and Cable was rather exhausting in the morning. Further, I finished a good shorting chance in GBPUSD with a too tight stopp-loss. But I´m learning out of my mistakes.

And how was your trading? I hope you could take some pips out of the market.

Profit of the day: + 147 pips

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Yesterdays sentiment in the markets was determined by the bad numbers of the US markets of Tuesday and the asian stock exchanges.

EURUSD was directed in a sideways range. Cable was in a downward trend.

Also good news from UK, Europe and the USA could only marginaly influence the sentiment of the Forex markets.


Here the most important news for today (all times in GMT):

09:00 - European Currency Union - Retail Sales 12:15 - USA - ADP Employment changes 12:30 - USA - Initial Jobless Claims 14:00 - USA - Factory Orders & ISM Non-Manufacturing

The moring could be rather balanced in the markets - for the afternoon I would expect som more volatility.



EURUSD won little strength over night.

Long @ 1,2335 Take-Profit @1.2385-1.2425 Stopp-Loss @ 1.2290

Short @ 1.2205 Take-Profit @ 1.2140-05 Stopp-Loss @ 1.2255


Cable looks a little bit tired this morning.

Long @ 1.4705 Take-Profit @ 1.4740-70 Stopp-Loss @ 1.4675

Short @ 1.4610 Take-Profit @ 1.4555-1.4485 Stopp-Loss @ 1.4665

Always take care of your stop management and consider your money and risk management.

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Due to a holiday my trading will be a little bit limited today.

I wish you a successful trading day and all the best Berndt Ebner - Trader education - Forex trading

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