Good morning dear traders, welcome in a new trading week.

There was not much action last Friday in EURUSD.

In comparison to EURUSD the Cable had a real moving down after bad news of UK.

Profit of the day: 29 pips

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Weak numbers of US concerning the industrial productions might have been the reason for the drawdown on Friday for Cable.

Rather sideways directed was EURUSD. Also rather bad news of the US retail sales did not bring much action into EURUSD.


Here the most important news for today (all times in GMT):

Switzerland at 7:15 with the producer and import prices, followed by the industrial production of the Euro zone at 9 GMT.

There are no further relevant fundamental news today. I would expect a rather unspectacular movement of the market.



EURUSD gained new strength over the weekend.

Long @ 1,2225 Take-Profit @1.2290-1.2330 Stopp-Loss @ 1.2180

Short @ 1.2095 Take-Profit @ 1.2035-10 Stopp-Loss @ 1.2145


GBPUSD could also win after its massive losses last Friday.

Long @ 1.4625 Take-Profit @ 1.4680-1.4720 Stopp-Loss @ 1.4595

Short @ 1.4535 Take-Profit @ 1.4500-1.4475 Stopp-Loss @ 1.4565

Always take care of your stop management and consider your money and risk management.

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A good start into the new trading week and all the best for your trading today Berndt Ebner

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