On Monday, a ship in “EVE Online,” a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, or MMORPG, was destroyed, marking the most expensive ship lost in combat in the MMORPG to date. The Revenant, a supercarrier operated by TSID, a pilot in the game, was destroyed, totaling the loss to 309.03 billion interstellar kredits, or ISK, an in-game currency. When converted to U.S. dollars, the ship is valued at $11,118.79, according to an online currency converter tied to the game’s economy.

While the game’s terms of service agreement does not allow the conversion of real-world currency into ISK directly, it does allow players to purchase a 30-day pilot’s license extension, or PLEX, which is sold in the EVE marketplace for ISK in-game currency. Using the market price for PLEX in-game, the real world value of content is determined.

According to comments on Reddit, the Revenant was one of three ships using the same blueprint that still remain in the game, bringing the total remaining ships of that class to two.

“EVE Online” has seen many controversies since its release in 2003, including a Ponzi scheme that netted scammers 1,034 billion ISK, or $51,677.50, at 2011 "EVE Online" market rates.

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