Tropical Storm Nestor hit Florida's Gulf Coast with heavy rains and 50 mph winds Saturday morning but has lost its status as tropical, being now classified as a post-tropical cyclone. 

Nestor is going to continue inland towards Florida's panhandle in the afternoon, which could cause flooding in dry areas on the Florida coast. A tornado watch has been issued through noon for much of northern and central Florida. 

In addition to Florida, showers and thunderstorms are expected to hit Georgia and parts of Alabama and South Carolina. 

So far, Nestor has caused damage across Florida. A tractor-trailer was picked up in central Florida and landed on an SUV, possibly due to a tornado. Others have reported hail and debris hitting their windshields while driving. 

One band of thunderstorms damaged 18 homes near St. Petersburg on the Gulf Coast. 

Other storms that have hit the U.S. during hurricane season this year include Humberto, which was a Category 3 storm at one point in its development. A rip current from the storm killed one person in North Carolina. 

The first major hurricane of the 2019 season was Hurricane Dorian in September, which killed 70 people and was the worst natural disaster in the history of the Bahamas. The storm also caused considerable damage in the southeastern U.S. and in Atlantic Canada.