eye candy
Victoria Justice announced that "Eye Candy" will not return for Season 2. MTV

When “Eye Candy” Season 1 wrapped up March 16, no one realized it was actually the series finale. Star Victoria Justice took to Twitter late Saturday to tell fans the thriller series had been canceled by MTV.

“I wanted you guys to hear it from me first, that the cast and I received news that Eye Candy will not be returning for season 2,” Justice wrote on TwitLonger. “Even though a lot of you are going to feel sad/angry, please know that playing Lindy Sampson, is something that I loved and I will hold dear to my heart. I couldn't have asked for better cast mates to work with either.”

The former “Victorious” star went on to thank her fans and everyone with whom she worked on “Eye Candy.” The drama, based on the R.L. Stine book, followed Justice's character Lindy, a computer hacker, as she searched for her abducted sister and was targeted by a killer. Justice's fellow cast members also reached out to viewers on Twitter to share their sympathies and thank fans for watching.

Harvey Guillen (George) kept the mood light. He thanked fans and joked about a regrettable tattoo choice.

Casey Deidrick joked about his character Tommy’s inappropriate relationship with Lindy. Tommy was an investigator looking into Lindy’s hacking skills when he fell for her.

John Garet Stoker (Connor) also tried to stay positive in his tweet to fans.

Kiersey Clemons (Sophia) wasn’t happy about the cancellation. “Someone dropped the ball I'm sorry yall,” she tweeted.

Ryan Cooper’s killer character Jake wasn’t exactly beloved, but he also thanked the fans for their support. However, he also expressed his disappointment and let followers know that he didn’t have any answers about the sudden cancellation either.

While MTV hasn’t officially given a reason for the cancellation, low ratings are most likely to blame. While “Eye Candy” Season 1 certainly gathered a fan base, it didn’t have a huge following. The show averaged about a half-million viewers each week, according to the Hollywood Reporter. MTV’s biggest scripted hit “Teen Wolf” averaged 1.7 million pairs of eyes each week during its first season. Even “Finding Carter,” a slightly more modest performer, averaged 1.1 million viewers weekly.

Fans may be the ones who take the "Eye Candy" cancellation the hardest. Although Lindy was saved from Jake, she and Tommy still weren’t together. She also found a video of her sister Sara made after she supposedly was abducted. Sara said Lindy would finally be safe, implying that Sara may be in hiding. It gave “Eye Candy” a whole new mystery, which now will remain unresolved.