Julianne Nicholson as Helen and Tyler Young as Philip
Helen (Julianne Nicholson) finds evidence in Season 1, episode 5 of “Eyewitness” that Bella (Katie Douglas) may have been murdered. Shane Mahood/USA Network

Helen (Julianne Nicholson) finds evidence in Season 1, episode 5 of “Eyewitness” that supports her theory that Bella (Katie Douglas) didn’t commit suicide.

According to the synopsis for the episode, titled “The Lilies,” Ryan (Warren Christie) is left with no choice but to interfere with an autopsy when Helen gets closer to the truth about Bella’s death.

As seen in the preview clip for the episode, Helen and his partner Tony (Matt Murray) figure out that “someone’s staged Bella’s hanging.” Helen also pays a visit to Bella’s dad, Mithat Milonkovic (Alex Karzis), to personally tell him that there’s proof suggesting that Bella didn’t kill herself. “We believe Bella may have been murdered,” Helen tells Mithat. “We found evidence of foul play.”

Much to Ryan’s surprise, Helen got approval to have Bella’s body autopsied so it’s just a matter of time before she finds out if her theory about Bella’s cause of death is true. “How did you get an autopsy approved for suicide?” Ryan asks Helen in the preview clip.

“I didn’t. I got it approved for homicide,” Helen reveals.

While trying to prevent Helen from knowing that he’s the one responsible for the recent series of murders in Tivoli, Ryan discovers that his subordinate Kamilah (Tattiawna Jones) is secretly helping the town sheriff in the investigation. “Why you backchanneled with Helen?” an upset Ryan asks Kamilah. “You wanna tell me what’s going on with you two?”

In the episode, Philip also deals with a surprise visit from his biological mom, Anne (Carlyn Burchell), and Lukas struggles with anxiety over the triple murder he and Philip witnessed. “I told you it only gonna get worse until we told somebody,” Philip tells Lukas in the preview clip.

Paxton tweeted last week that some of his favorite parts of the show don’t start happening until episode 5, so fans can expect “Eyewitness” to get even better starting next episode.

“Eyewitness” Season 1, episode 5 airs on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.