10 Top Celebrities with Highest Social Site Ranking
Justin Bieber is Canadian pop-R&B singer. His debut single, "One Time", released worldwide in 2009, peaked in the top ten in Canada and charted in the top thirty in several international markets. His debut release, My World, followed on November 17, 2009, and was eventually certified platinum in the United States. REUTERS

On Facebook, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga just can't match the popularity of Jesus.

According to a website called All Facebook, an independent site which measures Facebook traffic, a page called Jesus Daily has, for at least 18 weeks in a row, been labeled as the most engaging Facebook page, according to ABC News.

Jesus Daily did not have the most fans, which had 8,473,933 as of Wednesday evening. Lady Gaga has 43,371,771 and Justin Bieber has 35,708,391 fans, respectively. But Jesus Daily had the most interactions -- the number of posts, comments, likes and responses from the keeper of the page.

Posts receive likes and comments very quickly. On Wednesday, the site posted a message saying Here I am Lord send me! After 5 hours, 52,043 liked the post, and 1,795 commented, many saying Amen or even posting small prayers of their own. On a photo album Is Jesus #1 to You, 222,686 people have liked it as of Wednesday night.

The page was started by a diet doctor named Aaron Tabor from Kernersville, N.C. in 2009. Originally, he posted a quote from the bible each day. But he then received prayer requests, and the page exploded from there.

At first people think Facebook is just a place where people go to play games, or look at photos or snoop on their friends, Tabor told ABC News, but if you look at Jesus Daily and elsewhere, people are using it for very serious things.

Unlike Bieber or Lady Gaga, who have an entourage managing their image, Tabor has to manage the page himself, which he admits can be difficult since people try to post pornography or degrade others on occasion. Tabor told ABC he is considering setting up a non-profit so he can hire staff to manage the page.