Hype around the top Powerball lottery awards worth $587.5 million in prize money showed no signs of dampening almost 48 hours after the drawing. As a Missouri couple was getting over the shock of holding one of two winning tickets, a Facebook prankster posted a picture of himself claiming he also had a winner.

Nolan Daniels, in the Photoshopped picture posted on the social-media site, showed himself holding a ticket with the winning numbers and said he would give $1 million to a random Facebook user who shared the picture with his or her friends. Had the picture been real, Daniels still would have been out of the luck because the numbers were not in the order of the Powerball drawing.

In the comments section below the fake photo, Daniels claimed he had consulted legal counsel to protect his newfound financial interests and that “[a]nyone who doubts the legitimacy of this photo will not be included in the 1 million dollar drawing.”

Daniels also said he would buy his family members cars and answered a question about whether he was telling the truth by saying: "239 Million! I'm out celebrating now."

Gawker reported Daniels could not be reached for comment, but he did prove how easy it was to become an online sensation in the age of social media -- by telling a lie and offering people a chance at ringing the register to the tune of $1 million.

A couple of friend in Indiana pulled off a similar prank, and with predictably similar results. Frankie Frye and Louie Campbell also Photoshopped a picture of their "winning" Powerball ticket, even fooling friends and family for a brief time, according to WFIE in Evansville.

Coincidentally, the two friends both shop at a service station where a real winning Powerball ticket was purchased.

“I just wanted to tease people a little bit and then also kind of a social experiment I mean what kind of responses am I going to get,” said Campbell. “Suddenly out of nowhere getting compliments from strange women I don't know on Facebook it was funny, it was funny.”