Facebook went live with version 4.1 for the iPhone Sunday, giving mobile users access to its new Timeline feature, which reportedly provides reliable and faster performance for all features.

The update, released initially for Android devices and Web browsers, allows instant access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions from the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod Touch. The app is supposed to make it easier for users to view, comment on and upload photographs. According to Facebook, it is an update to connect the iPad to the Timeline.

The social media giant's latest update may sound like good news for its 800 million plus users, who may see vast improvements in the performance of the interface. But there have also been bursts of criticism.

It remains to be seen, in the long run, if the new feature can convince users suspicious of the developments.

Statistics compiled by AppData reveal an average of 58.8 million users who view Facebook on Android, as compared with 57.6 million users who use the iPhone app daily, as of Sunday.