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A Facebook logo is shown at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto. REUTERS

A new Facebook app - If I Die - has become a major sensation on the most popular social networking in the world. The app's main function is to enable users to write the final words they would like to share with their online friends after they die. It is designed so the app will post the message after the death of the user.

The app was developed by an Israeli company that deals in time capsules. The company's co-founders created the app after a few close friends nearly lost their lives in a traffic accident in Italy. The team has also suggested users upload something they might have never shared before or thought to while they were still alive.

The app, according to the company, has already received 5,000 likes on Facebook. The developers have confirmed the app will publish the posthumous message only after three friends or trustees, who have been assigned the responsibility, verify the If I Die user's death. The users will also have the option to upload a video they want aired posthumously, according to a CBS report.

However, Facebook already has a memorial service option where the deceased person's Facebook wall turns into a memorial accessible only by friends, once it has been confirmed the user has passed away.