A video purportedly showing a failed assassination attempt on a businessman in Russia surfaced online on Wednesday. The footage allegedly captured by security cameras was posted to YouTube and has since gone viral.

Russia’s LifeNews claims that the hitman was targeting 56-year-old Leonid Kolesnikov, CEO of a St. Petersburg company. Kolesnikov was going to a store in the town of Sertolovo, located just north of St. Petersburg, around 10 a.m. local time.

In the video, Kolesnikov is seen parking his vehicle when a man wearing a black jacket enters the frame, holding a bag that is concealing a gun. He walks up to the car and attempts to fire two shots through the window. The first shot hit Kolesnikov but the gun misfired on the second attempt.

The gun is seen malfunctioning and the assassin attempts to reload and fix the problem when Kolesnikov gets out of the vehicle. The assassin runs away while Kolesnikov runs in the opposite direction, but the hitman returns, follows the businessman and fires one more shot before fleeing. Another man, emerging from the area where Kolesnikov ran to, is seen pursuing the assassin. At the end of the video, Kolesnikov is seen being treated by medical staff.

LifeNews claims that Kolesnikov was later taken to a hospital and treated for injuries sustained from a gunshot wound to his arm. Kolesnikov is currently in the intensive care unit of a local hospital but is in stable condition. Police were able to recover a gun and several bullets from the crime scene. The would-be assassin is currently at large and police are investigating the matter.

You can watch the alleged failed assassination attempt below. The video and LifeNews' report have yet to be verified and attempts to search for Kolesnikov's name have returned no results.