“Fantastic Four” is the biggest trainwreck in theaters right now, which is surprising because there’s literally a movie called “Trainwreck” in theaters right now. With everyone scrambling to figure out what exactly went wrong with the comic-book-based flick, we learn that one of the scenes that could have helped it was left on the cutting room floor. 

Those who paid attention to the first trailer for “Fantastic Four” may have been extra disappointed with the 20th Century Fox flick when the credits rolled and they realized that a key scene from the teaser was inexplicably left out. As CinemaBlend notes, the movie was plagued by constant studio in-fighting and re-shoots. Director Josh Trank even took to Twitter to essentially blame studio interference on the project's poor quality, according to the Hollywood Reporter

As previously reported, many believe the biggest problem with the “Fantastic Four” movie, and there are many, was that it had a significant lack of action scenes. Now, one of the deleted action scenes that could have improved audience opinion of the film has been revealed, thanks to Entertainment Weekly

The outlet discovered accounts from several people who worked on the film all had a pretty similar version of a scene involving The Thing (Jamie Bell) actually engaging in some clobbering time. 

As the outlet claims, the scene was born out of the moment in the trailer when Ben Grimm makes a big leap from an airplane onto some kind of military base. This scene [SPOILER ALERT] would have taken place between the moment the gang got their powers, after Reed Richards (Miles Teller) escaped into the wilderness, but before it was revealed that the government had been using them as weapons. According to EW, the fight sequence would have shown The Thing drop into the middle of a hostile Chechen rebel camp where the terrorists are initially confused as to why the U.S. dropped a giant bolder on them. By the time they finally figure out that it’s actually a superhero, it’s too late, and their retreat is cut off by U.S. soldiers. Just when it seems like The Thing is going to square off against the forces that his best friend fled from in the previous scene, he gives them a nod of agreement and the audience learns that they’re working together -- you know, rather than being told by some strange voiceover. 

Unfortunately, while most of the people questioned had the same version of the scene, they had different stories of how it ended up cut from the movie. Some cite Trank’s indecisiveness, others blame budget issues. However, one thing is clear and that is something went seriously wrong in the making of a movie about one of the most popular comic book teams ever conceived, and now the franchise is in dire need of a tune up. 

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