Fathers will go to great lengths to keep their children safe. They will almost do anything, even to the point that they will risk their lives in the process.

Tyshawn Bibbs was preparing to go to the store around 10:30 a.m. on October 6th. He was putting his two-year-old daughter, Madison, into his car when dogs showed up on his driveway on Flamingo Drive in Jonesboro.

Bibbs said that the dogs started growling at them when they noticed that their presence had already caught his attention.

pit bull
A pit bull in the menacing dogs area of the Henderson Animal Shelter in Auckland, New Zealand, July 27, 2016. Fiona Goodall/Getty Images

But just like any father, Bibbs risked his own safety to protect his daughter.

“I put her behind me just like this, and I'm backing away and that's when they lunged,” Bibbs said, as he recalled the unforgettable experience to WSBTV's Matt Johnson.

Bibbs, 28, also noted that Madison started to cry when one dog started growling. He defended themselves and was able to hit the dog in an effort to keep the vicious canines away from his daughter.

CBS46 reported that one of the dogs bit Bibbs on the leg, while the other was still free.

“I'm just trying to keep him occupied, focused on me, and keep him away from my daughter,” he said, adding that it was at this time that he lost sensation on his leg, foot and toes.

Still, Bibbs fought the animals all the more when he saw Madison crying.

Fortunately, a neighbor heard Bibbs' screams and intervened. The neighbor grabbed Madison out of the car until the dogs' owner came and called off its pets.

The animals then released Bibbs and ran to their owner.

“Blood was just everywhere, it was scary.”

Police and animal control was immediately notified about the animal attack. Bibbs, on the other hand, was rushed to Grady Hospital.

The Clayton County Police Department said that it was a male Pitbull and a female Brindle Mastiff that attacked Bibbs. Both animals were transported to AC North Shelter, and one of them was reclaimed by the owners.

The owners were issued with citations, including one for animal-running at large, dog bite-person and rabies-vaccination per dog.

Despite having serious injuries, Bibbs was ready for the consequences as long as he protected his daughter from the ravaging jaws of the dogs.

“As long as I'm in front of her, let them come at me. Let me get the strength to just hold them off and keep them away from her,” expressed the father.

CBS46 also said that Bibbs has hired an attorney and believed that the owners were irresponsible for not putting their pets on a leash or behind a caged fence where they cannot inflict any danger to other people.