According to the researchers in Australia, there is a strong link between omega-3 fatty acids and the level of zinc in the brain. The level of zinc in the brain is maintained by the level of omega-3 which is evidently vital for a healthy brain.

Earlier study by cellular biologist Professor Leigh Ackland found that low levels of omega-3 fatty acid DHA in the brain are associated with the brain disorder called Alzheimer's. Through research, it was found that the incidence of Alzheimer's is significantly low in populations who maintain a healthy consumption of a diet with omega-3 fatty acid.

Increased level of zinc in the brain cells is considered unhealthy and often triggers premature cell death. The research found that as the level of omega-3 fatty acid DHA within neuron cells decreased, the level of zinc increased. A landmark of neurodegenerative diseases is the kind of cell death which was seen in the study. The same phenomenon is also noticed in Alzheimer's.

Professor Ackland believes that the consumption of foods that carry omega-3 fatty acids is paramount to the maintenance of a healthy level of zinc in the brain, thus preventing cell death that is correlated with increased level of zinc.

The results from the research by Professor Ackland and her colleagues were published on February 5th 2010, in the international molecular biosciences journal FEBS Letters. Based on this important research, we can now appreciate the new understanding that comes from an established clear link between the levels of DHA and zinc in our brain cells.