The FBI will be adding the latest potential jetpack sighting in Los Angeles to its lists of investigations after a pilot school shared a video of what appeared to be a flying object.

Earlier this week, Sling Pilot Academy shared a video on Instagram of what appeared to be a person flying a jet pack near the Palos Verdes area.

“Video taken by Sling Pilot Academy Flight Instructor while flying at approx. 3,000’ near Palos Verdes south of Los Angeles. Catalina Island is in the background. The video appears to show a jet pack, but it could also be a drone or some other object.” the caption of the video read.

“If it is a ‘guy in a jet pack’ then it remains to be seen whether it is a legal test flight (jet packs are real – there is a manufacturer near Los Angeles) or related to the jet pack sightings near LAX recently that caused disruptions to air traffic.”

The FBI is investigating the incident, as well as two previous sightings, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“We’re aware of it and are continuing to investigate the reports,” FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said in a statement.

However, neither the FBI nor the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) can confirm whether it was a person flying a jet pack or a drone.

In a statement, the FAA revealed it has not “received any recent reports from pilots who believe they may have seen someone in a jetpack in the skies around Los Angeles.”

“The FAA has taken the sighting reports it has received seriously and has worked closely with the FBI to investigate them,” the statement read. “However, the FAA has been unable to validate the reports.”

Despite the jetpack sightings, experts don’t believe the reports suggesting a man was spotted flying with the object. Due to the altitude reported in the sightings, experts don’t believe the fuel capacity of a jetpack is capable of maintaining the level of elevation.

American authorities were probing pilots' reports that they saw a man flying a jetpack, similar to one pictured in this 2018 image from Cannes, France
The FBI is investigating another reported sighting of a possible jetpack man flying near the LAX on Wednesday. AFP / VALERY HACHE