A man who fathered 14 children through sperm donation has come under uneasy spotlight from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has termed Trent Arsenault, 36, a “manufacturer of human cells” and wants him to stop his free sperm donation drive.

Arsenault, who's from California, donates sperm free of cost to needy couples through his Web site trentdonor.org. He started this service in 2004 and claims he is just helping childless couples have children. He told CBS San Francisco that I don't make any money, I don't charge people anything. And it's just helping childless couples have children.

The FDA, however, has a different view. It says Arsenault should adhere to the guidelines set for commercial sperm banks. It has ordered him to stop his service, charging that he has failed to comply with the legal requirements on the issue. Arsenault is waiting for the hearing on the issue and continues his free service. He told CBS that since he is a single donor and not conducting any business for profit, the regulations guiding commercial sperm banks should not apply to him.

His Web site says he has already fathered 14 children through sperm donation. Arsenault has put up all the information he could gather about his health, ethnicity and vital body parameters on his Web site. His profile page has his latest sperm count, his test results for STDs and the special diet he follows to maintain his healthy sperm count. He also has a photo gallery which features the babies born with his assistance and a press section with articles and features that have appeared in the media on him.

The beneficiaries of his free sperm donation service include low-income and same-sex couples who find it difficult to get sperms from regular sperm banks.