Madison (Kim Dickens) will be forced to spring into action in episode 12 of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Richard Foreman Jr/ AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” fans are in for a pretty intense episode next Sunday. Although things seemed to be looking up at the Colonia and the hotel in episode 11, the preview for the upcoming installment teases that no one is safe in the zombie apocalypse.

“The danger is now,” Nick (Frank Dillane) frantically yells at Alejandro (Paul Calderon) in the promo video. “It’s real. It’s coming.”

The clip for episode 12, titled “Pillar of Salt,” features a couple of the gang members that provide the Colonia with supplies. Did they finally find the community? And if so, what will they do with it? They could potentially be trying to raid the safe haven for more drugs. Or, they may have figured out that Nick tampered with their Oxycodone.

Whatever the case may be, it sounds like things will begin to fall apart. The synopsis for the episode teases that Alejandro will reveal his “darker side.”

Things won’t be going any better at the hotel. The episode description continues that a “hotel resident becomes violent and Madison (Kim Dickens) springs into action.”

“If anyone raises a hand to another, they’re out,” she warns the group in the trailer.

Another clip shows a frightened looking Strand (Colman Domingo) bloody and on the floor. Was he the person who was attacked by the “violent” hotel resident? After episode 11 concluded with Strand entering the honeymoon suite to kill Oscar’s (Andres Londono) zombie bride, one theory is that his mother-in-law Ilene (Brenda Strong) will go off the deep end.