A flight stewardess carried a sick passenger to the ambulance after realizing that the stretcher couldn’t be brought on board because of the narrow cabin aisles.

The sick passenger pressed the call button when Zhang Qiqi was doing a routine check before the China United Airlines flight, with 175 passengers onboard, took off from Chengdu, China, on Monday night. The unidentified female passenger informed Qiqi that she was experiencing severe abdominal pain and pleaded that the flight be suspended. Upon realizing that there was a medical emergency, the stewardess made an announcement to check if there was a doctor on the flight.

Recalling the incident, Qiqi said, “At that time, we made an emergency broadcast, asking if a doctor was on board. A doctor came over to check on the patient and told us that her pulse was dangerously weak and needed treatment.”

Qiqi then calmed the passenger down and the medical staff was called to the scene. However, upon realizing that the stretcher couldn’t fit on the flight, Qiqi took the passenger’s consent and carried her to the ambulance safely.

Stating that she was “surprised” that she could lift the woman, Qiqi said, “I was only focused on trying to save her. When I looked back at the footage, I was also surprised. How did I have so much energy? I think it must’ve been in the spur of the moment.” The flight was delayed by 43 minutes.

Representational image of an airport runway. EyesWideOpen/Getty Images