Learn how to test Google's latest Easter egg trick by searching for "Festivus" in honor of "Seinfeld." Google

Google unveiled its Festivus for the rest of us in a new Easter egg trick this week which pays homage to "Seinfeld."

For users who do a Google search for "Festivus," an image of an undecorated aluminum Festivus pole appears, just like the one in "Seinfeld." The pole appears alongside the left margin of the search results page.

Festivus was a concept created by Frank Costanza of Seinfeld as a holiday to celebrate the "airing of grievances" back in 1997. The tradition of Festivus invites celebrators to air any complaints about others celebrating each year on Dec. 23 around an aluminum pole instead of a tree. There's also wrestling matches called "feats of strength" to go along with the "airing of grievances."

“If you’re not big on the holidays, don’t forget there’s a Festivus for the rest of us," a Google spokesperson told Entertainment Weekly of the new hidden trick. "No tinsel, just a sturdy pole. Good luck if you’re chosen for the Feats of Strength.”

But this is not Google's first little surprise tick, or Easter egg, as it is called. Last November, Google unveiled holiday themed Easter eggs along with others, like the "Do A Barrel Roll," "Let It Snow" and another for "Hanukkah." A search for "Do A Barrel Roll" spins your screen and turns it temporarily upside down in one of the many easter eggs planted by engineers. The neat trick went viral after users created memes and posted on Twitter about the egg. Similarly, Google launched a special Google Doodle in honor of Thanksgiving 2011, where users could customize a turkey with colors, feathers and accessories. These gave way to "let it snow" for Winter 2011, where snow falls on the screen after googling the term.

According to Google, these easter eggs are inside jokes done by engineers working at Google headquarters to amuse its many users.

Looks like there are some "Seinfeld" fans in Mountain View, Calif.