Glaucoma Australia has announced that half of the 300,000 Australians affected with glaucoma are not aware that they have it.

Australians of above 40 years old in age are encouraged to attend regular eye check-ups if they want to fight the disease that compromises their eye sight, according to the non-profit organization, during World Glaucoma Week.

Also said about glaucoma by Glaucoma Australia is that it is the number one global cause of irreversible blindness that limits the quality of the people's life.

National executive officer Beverly Lindsell stated, Even simple daily activities like driving, locating items, walking on stairs and recognizing faces can be difficult for glaucoma patients to manage.

He also reported that research has proven that glaucoma affected individuals experienced slower pace of walking, proneness to falling and an avoidance of driving altogether.

If detected earlier however, glaucoma can be treated and the progressive damage to the eye sight can be halted or slowed down.

The highest risk group of people to develop glaucoma is people over the age of 40 years old. From between March 7 to 13th, the World Glaucoma aims to increase the awareness regarding the importance of good eye health.