• Type 2 diabetes is a global problem that affects people from all walks of life
  • Health experts don't just stop in finding ways and means on how to treat the condition
  • A recent study revealed that a popular sweetener could fight off type 2 diabetes

Millions of people around the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. In the UK alone, as per Express, there are about 4.7 million diabetics in the said country. This does not stop here since it is projected that the number will grow even more in the next decade. Health experts continue to find the right treatment to help alleviate the symptoms and to prevent the complications associated with the disease.

A recent study showed that there might just be one way to help fight the condition, and it is through the use of a particular type of sweetener. This sweetener allows people to enjoy their food and yet abstain from the regular carbs and glucose of sugar.

A doctor from Liverpool Hope University stated that Stevia might be a “new player against obesity and diabetes.” She said that Stevia is a naturally-occurring sweetener, and it may be the answer to the increasing number of type 2 diabetes patients.

The experiment of Farhat made use of participants who would drink three kinds of beverages. The first group would drink water mixed with a gram of Stevia, the second group would drink water mixed with 60g of sugar, and the third would drink plain water.

Testing the hypotheses of many that Stevia would lead people to eat more, they found out that the food intake didn’t create that much of a difference. Basically, the difference that Stevia made was that they got to taste the sweetness of the food minus the calories.

So basically, Stevia didn’t increase appetite. In fact, those who consumed the drink with Stevia felt less hungry. When you become less hungry, you would be able to prevent yourself from reaching out for a delectable treat.

The next time that you feel hungry try to reach out and look for Stevia. It can help arrest hunger pangs, reduce the number of calories you take in, without sacrificing the sweet taste that you may be craving for.