A fake toy ad circulated across social media channels Dec. 6, 2016 and angered users who thought the ad was real. Reuters

A gag Reddit post has made the recent social channel rounds and riled up users.

An image of what appeared to be the packaging of a Fisher-Price product that depicted toddlers drinking toy beers at a mini bar, titled “Fisher-Price Happy Hour Playset” was actually a fake ad image created by a Reddit user, ABC News reported Thursday. Many Facebook users were angered by the post and the photo was shared on the social outlet more than 30,000 times, MyNBC 5 reported Wednesday.

The image, posted to the social feed Tuesday was apparently posted by a user to the Reddit Fisher-Price page who thought the product was comical, writing in a post “Please tell me this is actually in the works?!” according to the news outlet. The post of the image no longer appears on the toy brand’s Facebook page.

The Fisher-Price brand posted a statement on a Facebook comment: “Please know that this product is not endorsed, produced or approved by Fisher-Price.”

Snopes, the conspiracy theory busting website, even opted to dispel the rumors, writing in a post published Wednesday that the toy was not real. While some users were fooled and were even enraged by the post’s circulation, others were annoyed that the rumor had to be dispelled in the first place.

“Come on people, did you really need Snopes to tell you this was false?” One Facebook user asked in a post.

This is not the first time Facebook users have picked up on fake news stories in their news feeds. One of the most widely shared fake news stories to recently circulate on Facebook was the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory story. The story, originally shared on a 4chan message board by users, falsely claimed former Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was behind a child sex trafficking ring operating from a local Washington, D.C. pizza restaurant. Clinton’s former campaign manager, John Podesta, was also said to have been involved.