Five Nights At Freddy’s movie adaptation was “back at square one” as of February, but March brings new developments related to the project. Using his official Twitter account for the first time, franchise creator Scott Cawthon has confirmed the project is continuing under the Blumhouse Studios umbrella.

In true Cawthon fashion, the teaser doesn’t tell us much. It features a director’s chair labeled for Freddy and the Blumhouse Productions logo on a screen in the background. The mentioned partnership is seemingly the only thing this tweet intends to convey.

However, before going into hype overdrive, it’s important to remember that this teaser offers no details about how far along the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie is. Even if a script were to be completed quickly, a decent-budget Hollywood adaptation could take up to two years to complete.

What’s also unclear is how this revived Five Nights At Freddy’s film relates to the Warner Bros. effort announced back in April of 2015. At that time, Poltergeist remake director Gil Kenan had been tapped for writing and directorial duties. Is that still the case today, or is this teased product starting completely from scratch? Will Warner Bros. distribute the finished work? We can’t say for sure.

What we do know is that Blumhouse Studios has earned a solid track record for mid-budget horror films in recent years. Perhaps the company’s highest-profile modern success is 2016’s The Purge: Election Year. The Purge 4 is also in production for release this year as well. Might Five Nights At Freddy’s take on the brutal, bloody and dark stylings of those movies? We sure hope so.

Five Nights At Freddy’s was first released in the summer of 2014 as a game for PC and mobile devices. While fervor around the series has quieted in recent months, its creepy animatronic characters and convoluted lore spawned five game sequels and a novel during two years of viral popularity. In the game, players take on the role of a night security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The kid-friendly eatery harbors haunted robots and a dark, murderous secret.

Before Five Nights At Freddy’s hits the big screen, fans can also check out The Freddy Files guidebook and the Five Nights At Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones novel planned to release later this year.

Are you happy the Five Nights At Freddy’s movie has resumed production? Does this teaser hide any other hints? Tell us in the comments section!