Grant Gustin as Barry Allen
A sneak peek of tonight’s Season 3 premiere of “The Flash” reveals one option that Barry (Grant Gustin) can do to fix the messed up timeline. The CW

With only a few hours left before the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere of “The Flash,” The CW released a sneak peek clip from the episode that shows Barry (Grant Gustin) having a serious conversation with the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher).

In the two-minute video, Barry visits the Reverse-Flash in his glass cell with a bag of food in hand. The villainous speedster, however, is apparently not interested in whatever Barry has for him as he is more concerned about how he can get out of captivity and start making Barry’s life a living hell again.

“You may have figured out a way to dampen my speed with this glass cage, but I will get out of here and I will destroy your life … one way or the other,” the Reverse-Flash, a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, tells Barry.

Barry, however, isn’t worried at all. In fact, he’s happy and couldn’t ask for more. “I have everything back that you took from me,” Barry tells the Reverse-Flash. “I have everything Zoom (Teddy Sears) took. I’m finally free. I’m home.”

But the Reverse-flash begs to disagree, telling Barry that the whole Flashpoint reality is not his home, and that it is “only a mirage, a fiction” that will end them both.

Although Barry says that the Reverse-Flash is the reason why he traveled back in time to save his mom, the villainous speedster remains pretty confident that Barry is going to beg him to kill his mom once again to fix the timeline.

While Barry is seemingly unfazed by what the Reverse-Flash has told him, it won’t be long before he begins to face the consequences of messing with the timeline.

“He’s starting to have new memories of graduating high school and college, memories he never had with his parents, but those memories are replacing other things from the other timeline,” Gustin told E! News last July of what happens as Barry continues to live in the Flashpoint reality.

In addition to losing his memories, the synopsis for Season 3, episode 1 also revealed that Barry is going to completely lose his super speed if he doesn’t fix the timeline as soon as possible.

While it’s unclear how Barry will undo the things that have changed since he altered the timeline, it looks like he will indeed be needing the help of the Reverse-Flash.

“I can say that he’s definitely central to the overall problem, and that Barry needs him,” Letscher told TVLine last July when asked about his character’s role in the upcoming season.

Do you think Barry will ask the Reverse-Flash to kill his mom again to fix the timeline? Sound off in the comments below.

“The Flash” Season 3, episode 1, titled “Flashpoint,” airs on Tuesday, Oct. 4, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.