Tom Cavanagh as Dr. Harrison Wells
“The Flash” star Grant Gustin said that Tom Cavanagh’s Season 3 version of Dr. Harrison Wells adds more humor to the show. The CW

Tom Cavanagh is playing a new version of Dr. Harrison Wells in Season 3 of “The Flash.”

Although the synopsis for the upcoming episode 3 revealed that Cavanagh is reprising his role as Earth-2 Wells in the new season, this incarnation of Wells isn’t exactly the same version of the character that viewers first met in Season 2.

In an interview with IGN on the set of “The Flash,” Grant Gustin said that Season 3’s version of Wells adds more humor to the show. “Tom Cavanagh is playing a new version of Wells which has presented an opportunity for a lot of comedy, more so than in the past,” said Gustin, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash on the CW series.

Cavanagh himself confirmed that he’s playing a new version of Wells in the new season. “I get to invent a number of iterations of them. I believe this will be my fifth one, and it is a privilege,” he told Variety.

Since the start of the series, the Canadian actor has already played a number of characters on the show, and those include Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Earth-1 Wells, Earth-2 Wells and Hannibal Bates’ version of Wells.

When asked if he has a favorite among those characters, the “Ed” alum answered: “I don’t know if it’s apt to describe it in the realm of favorite, but the starting point for me for everything is Eobard Thawne and the Reverse-Flash. That was my starting point and I’m sure, at some point, that’ll be my return point as well.”

The latest version of Wells was teased in the show’s “Big Mistake” trailer, which was released earlier this week. Watch the clip below:

Next week’s episode of “The Flash,” titled “Paradox,” airs on Tuesday, Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out the synopsis of Season 3, episode 2 below:

“Barry realizes the effects from Flashpoint are much greater than he thought. Meanwhile, Barry meets new co-worker Julian Albert (Tom Felton) and is surprised by Julian’s immediate disdain for Barry.”