Fleet Week
Fleet Week returns to New York City on Wednesday. Reuters

Fleet Week is back!

The celebration of America's sea services will return to the Big Apple on Wednesday, and many New Yorkers are thrilled to welcome the sailors back after the federal budget sequester canceled the annual celebration last year. About 1,500 members from the Navy, Marines and Coast Guards will enter the city. Their five ships, docked off Manhattan and Staten Island, will remain there until May 28.

Fleet Week’s official website lists all the events, and can be viewed here.

Visitors will be able to hop aboard the ships for the week, but it’s suggested people wear comfortable clothing. Even though high-heels can be cute, they’re not exactly ideal on deck.

Ships can be visited Thursday through Monday at Pier 92 in Manhattan and The Sullivans Pier in Staten Island., from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., but get there early, because lines might be capped at 3 p.m.

For those who are interested in bringing the little ones, there isn’t an age requirement but strollers and baby carriages aren’t allowed on the ships. They’re also not handicapped-accessible because of stairways and narrow passageways.

Most small hand-carried items are allowed on the ship, but all bags will be searched before entering the pier. Photography is permitted, but visitors are asked not to take pictures of security procedures or personnel.

NewYorkled.com wrote there will probably be a celebration at Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Fleet Week has been around since 1984, and has become a beloved event in NYC. "The Navy works very hard to make it a great event for the city," Commander Corey Barker, a Navy spokesman, told AMNY.com "The red carpet is really rolled out for us and we really appreciate it," he said.

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