• The Orange County Police Department detailed the incident in a Facebook post
  • The child was happy a deputy delivered dinosaurs toys to him
  • Social media users praised the deputy for his act of kindness 

Orlando, Florida -- A child in Florida, who called an emergency police helpline to ask for a dinosaur, wasn't disappointed as a kind sheriff's deputy soon arrived at his doorstep to deliver a toy.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office explained in a Facebook post Wednesday how the boy, who didn't have an emergency in the real sense, dialed 911 because he thought this was something simple for the cops to accomplish.

The dispatcher reportedly then made a stop at a toy shop and picked up two "Jurassic World" dinosaur toys, which she asked a deputy to deliver.

"This little guy just learned about calling 911 for emergencies. He thought it was an emergency that he needed a dinosaur," deputies wrote in the Facebook post. "The dispatcher explained what emergencies are. Then she bought two dinosaurs and sent a deputy (and the 2 dinosaurs!) to check on the child & his family."

In the accompanying picture with the Facebook post, the boy is seen holding two boxes containing a battery-powered toy triceratops and a tyrannosaurus rex. The deputy can be seen standing next to the boy, smiling after having met the child's innocent demand.

The sheriff's department didn't release the identities of the dispatcher and the deputy. The Facebook post dated July 13 clocked in 3,500 reactions and comments to date. Below the post, people poured in praises for the deputy as well as funny remarks on the situation.

"Way to go. Deep down i know the human race is not failing," one person said in the comment. "So sweet! He might call again since he got a dinosaur!" said another.

“We must teach what an emergency is, but let’s face it ... in his little mind dinosaurs were important. So cute and beautiful attitude of the officer!” another person commented.

Some parents also recalled similar experiences when their kids dialed 911 for not-so-relevant reasons. "Ok I feel better knowing my kid wasn’t the only one. He called 911 just to have a deputy come say hi to him. Officer from Ocoee PD came and we apologized but she came and said hi. We told my son what an emergency was…Lol," wrote a person.

Representation of what pterosaurs may have looked like. Sebastian Ganso/Pixabay