When it comes to fighting sex trafficking, questions of legalization, monitoring, and taxing are thrown around in a similar manner to marijuana. However, Florida may have found its own way of fighting sex crimes that are definitely unique.

Florida lawmakers are considering the idea of creating a new registry for sex offenders involved in sex trafficking. Specifically, the public database would be targeting convicted pimps and johns residing in Florida. The registry would provide names, addresses, and photographs of pimps and johns, similar to the public sex offender registry.

“This is like the first step, in really chiseling away at that demand side,” Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said.

And while on paper this may sound like somewhat of an odd idea, Florida is home to one of the country’s largest transient populations. Because of this, the state has faced difficulties in battling and curbing sex trafficking. 2018 saw over 200 prosecuted sex trafficking cases in Florida, alone.

It’s worth noting that such a registry would not be available online like the sex offender registry. The registry would still be kept a public record, in line with Florida laws, and even allow johns to come off the registry if they aren’t convicted of a similar crime for five years.

The push for this legislation has also intensified following the Robert Kraft being charged with solicitation at a Jupiter, Florida “massage parlor.” The “massage parlor” in question had been subject to a sting operation by police and FBI under suspicion of sex trafficking and prostitution.

On top of the Jupiter case, Florida will also play host to three major events over the two years: Super Bowl LIV at Miami Gardens in 2020, Wrestlemania at Tampa Bay in 2020, and Super Bowl LV at Tampa Bay in 2021.

The bill had already passed the House and Senate in Florida. It is currently waiting to be signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Child prostitute An FBI agent leading away an adult suspect arrested in the Operation Cross Country II, when 105 children were rescued from forced prostitution in October 2008