A Florida man was accused of spitting food into the mouth of a woman trying to apologize for a road rage incident.

David Wipperman, from Largo, is accused of committing the act on October 29 in Pinellas County, according to a police report. 

He was taken into custody recently in connection with the event when he got out of his Chevrolet truck and approached the woman who was driving nearby.

It is not yet clear where the two were during the encounter. However, Wipperman walked up to her, and she rolled down the window of her vehicle to apologize. That is when the man spit food; he was chewing at the time into her mouth.

The arrest report said the food hit her face, and some of it got into her mouth. Wipperman proceeded to open the woman’s car door and continue screaming at her while pointing fingers at her.

He was charged with felony battery and burglary of an occupied vehicle and is currently being held at the Pinellas County Jail on a $12,500 bond. 

It is not evident whether he is also being accused of stealing items from the woman’s vehicle or elsewhere.

Wipperman is also a convicted felon allegedly and has a criminal history that includes an aggravated battery, grand theft and disorderly conduct.

The man is also listed as being an employee of Wal Mart, but they are yet to comment.

Several people commented on the story, which has been posted on social media. The majority is claiming that he was lucky he was not beaten because of what he did while others described what they would do if they were the ones in the situation.

One commenter on a blog post said he would have gotten a tire iron and beaten him senseless while another said that she should have been armed in the event of such an incident.

The incident came soon after another recorded road rage incident in Florida where a man admitted to shooting at the wrong vehicle after he thought another driver was trying to kill him.

Dakota Haber was arrested on November 5 at the Swan View Townhomes complex. The police report said Haber and another driver were in a confrontation at the front gate of the complex late one evening. 

The two got back into their vehicles and entered the complex. Later on, Haber thought he saw the other driver following him, so he got out his handgun and started shooting at the suspected vehicle, which was only 50 yards away.

crazy-3607408_640 Road Rage Photo: Pixabay